UNFCC Overview

The UNFCC website contains a huge amount of information about climate change, including both information on adaptation and mitigation. Countries are required to submit various reports, which are then made available on the UNFCC site. Descriptions of some of the types of information available are below.

  • National Communications (Annex I) are periodic submissions by developed countries covering all aspects of implementation. The fifth national communication of Annex I parties was due on 1 January 2010, and prior reports are available in approximately four year intervals. Links to each wave of national communications are below:
  • National communications (Non-Annex I) are periodic submissions by Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention on all aspects of implementation. These submissions are not required to include the same contents or be submitted with the same frequency as those from Annex I countries, in accordance with the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities" enshrined in the Convention. As stated on the relevant UNFCC webpage, "each non-Annex I Party shall submit its initial communication within three years of the entry into force of the Convention for that Party, or of the availability of financial resources (except for the least developed countries, who may do so at their discretion)." Submitted national communications from Non-Annex I countries are available here.
  • Annex I Greenhouse Gas Inventories are required annually for all Annex I countries. They are subject to a technical review process after submission, and they are made available in summary form as part of each country's national communications under the Convention. Information on reporting requirements and the review process is available on the UNFCC website, along with the annual reports themselves and review reports.
  • National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) are submissions by least-developed countries on their needs and priorities for adaptation. More information about this type of report and submitted reports are available on the UNFCC site.