Targeted News Sources

This page provides information on news sources targeted towards climate change issues. These are not usually websites for mainstream newspaper or television stations; instead, they are often associated with non-governmental or sometimes government organizations focused on these issues.

News Sources and Blogs

    This site is "a knowledge management project for international negotiations and related activities on climate change run by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)". It contains up-to-date information about policy activities related to climate change.
  • World Bank Climate Change Blog
    This is a blog hosted by the authors of the World Bank's World Development Report 2010, "Development and Climate Change". In the words of the site, "it is a forum to get broad-based input on fundamental questions relating to climate change and development". It provides a weekly update on news coverage of climate change from sources around the globe, as well as other posts describing recent events or thought-provoking pieces of data that relate to climate change.


  • Climate Change TV
    This site describes itself as "the world’s first web channel dedicated entirely to discussions of global climate change effects, causes and the future of the climate change treaty...It provides commentary and context from key players from all the major international climate change meetings. Content includes exclusive interviews with world leaders, expert observers, decision-makers, activists, and many of the most important and influential figures involved in the debate".