COMPON Published Papers: some are open access (prefixed with *), while others are in journals or edited volumes that (unfortunately) do not permit free viewing or download. For the latter, the links lead to publishers websites where the article or chapter can be purchased. Or, if your library subscribes to an journal access service such as JStore, you can download the journal articles for free. Copies may also be obtainable directly from the authors by sending them a request. Most authors emails are in the Teams and Advisors section of this website.

  • *asterisk symbol means publication is open access, free to view, read and download (NOT COMPLETED).


  • Koichi Hasegawa and Tomomi Shinda (editors) 2016 Kiko Hendo Seisaku no Shakaigaku: Nihon wa Kawarerunoka (The Sociology of Climate Change Policy: Will Japan Change?),. Tokyo: ShowaDo.

COMPON Papers--general programmatic statements:

COMPON Papers based on Climate Change Policy Network Survey data analysis, Single-Case and Comparative:

COMPON Papers based on Newspaper Discourse data analysis including Discourse Network Analysis, Single-Case and Comparative:

COMPON Papers based on other sources of Discourse:

COMPON-based theses and dissertations:

  • Satoh Keiichi, 2016. Ph.D thesis, "Governing the Voluntarity: Japanese Climate Change Policy Networks and Political Process," Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, Japan
  • Paul Wagner, 2015. Ph.D thesis, "Modelling Dynamic Policy Networks for Managing Climate Change in Ireland,” Simulation Science, University College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Georgios Gkiuozepas, 2015. Ph.D thesis, "Policy Networks for Climate Change:The Case of Greece. The Coverage of Climate Change in Greek Quality Press 2001-2008," Environmental Policy & Management,
    Department of Environment, School of Environment, University of the Aegean, Mytilini (Greece)
  • Stephen Price, 2013. PhD thesis, "How the environmental movement influenced climate change debates in Britain between 1986 and 2008," University of Kent, England
  • Philip Vaughter, 2012. Ph.D thesis, Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota
  • Heike Brugger, 2012. MA thesis, Political Science, University of Konstanz (2012)
  • Johannes Ackva, 2012. Policy-Beliefs, Influence and Advocacy Coalitions in the Swedish Climate-Policy Network. MA-thesis. Sociology, University of Gronigen, Sweden
  • Åkerblom, Emily. 2010. Perceptions and Policies: An analysis of Underlying Factors to Sweden’s Response to Climate Change. MA thesis. International Relations, Stockholm University
  • Jana Ollmann, 2010. BA thesis, Political Science, University of Konstanz, Germany

CIFOR Papers based on policy network survey data analysis (Center for International Forestry Research based in Bogor, Indonesia, modified the Compon survey instrument to focus on the issue of REDD+ in developing countries):

CIFOR Papers based on Newspaper Discourse Analysis (Center for International Forestry Research, based in Bogor, Indonesia, modified the Compon newspaper coding instrument to focus on the issue of REDD+ in developing countries):

General COMPON-Related:

  • Graffeo, Michele.Forest Policy: Media influence on debate. Nature Climate Change 7.3 (2017): 172-172.
  • NSF White Papers on Grand Challenges for the SBE (Social, Behavioral and Economic) sciences:
    • One on data collection based on COMPON, written by Jeff Broadbent, is available here.
    • Other Grand Challenge White Papers on climate change and many other topics available here.

Other Climate Change and Sustainability Related Publications from Compon Team Members:

News coverage of the COMPON project is documented in the blog