Climate Change Mitigation Policy and Performance

A selection of resources for additional information on climate change mitigation policy and performance are below.


  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Main Site
    This website is maintained by the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The site states that it is maintained to support arrangements for meetings organized under the Convention, to transmit official documents and reports, and to assist Parties in communicating other information related to the Convention; it also serves the Kyoto Protocol. The "Feeling the Heat" article is designed as a fairly quick introduction to the main issues surrounding climate change and how the international community is responding. There's also a "Latest Headlines" section on the home page which highlights relevant news articles from many sources. Click here for a summary of some available country-specific information. The secretariat also prepares compilation and synthesis reports from the information provided by individual countries.
  • Climate Change Information Network
    This website was established at the request of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It serves as a clearinghouse for information sources on public information, education and training in the field of climate change, and it is designed to help governments, organizations and individuals gain rapid and easy access to ideas, strategies, contacts, experts and materials that can be used to motivate and empower people to take effective action on climate change. It provides a searchable list of organizations, education programs, public awareness campaigns and other resources for people and looking for information on climate change.
  • Climate Competitiveness Index
    This site contains information about how countries create enduring economic value through low carbon technology, products and services. It can be used by investors, policymakers, and others to understand which countries are best placed to compete in a low carbon economy. The Climate Competitiveness Index 2010 was launched at the Business for Environment Summit in South Korea in April 2010. It presents findings from two years of research by AccountAbility and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • EarthTrends Environmental Information
    This site describes itself as "a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world." The site contains a wealth of detailed information on emissions and other aspects of climate change in detailed country profiles; all information is thoroughly cited. An overview is available of all the information on the site, as well.
  • Climate Lab - Mitigation Page
    The link above will take you to the wiki page focused on climate change mitigation, as hosted by Climate Lab. Climate Lab is a non-profit, non-partisan group based in Washington, D.C., and their goal is to develop web-based tools for knowledge sharing and collaboration that drive action to address climate change.
  • CO2 Scorecard
    CO2 Scorecard aims to bring together all public data on CO2 and other GHG emissions and sinks; energy consumption, investments, prices, and taxes; and "socio-economic benchmarks and drivers". The website allows users to view trends by country, and presents data using clear visuals and interactive modules.
  • "Who's On Board With The Copenhagen Accord?"
    This website tracks each country's engagement with the Copenhagen Accord, including reported statements and reduction commitments, if any. The site is updated regularly as information becomes available.
  • Climate Change Performance Index
    This site tracks the mitigation performance of the world's top emitters, and includes a number of reports. Available in English and German.

For-Profit Sources of Information

  • Maplecroft Climate Change Risk Atlas 2010
    This report was created by Maplecroft, a for-profit company that focuses on global risk analysis. They create and sell information on political, economic, social and environmental risks affecting growth opportunities in both developed and emerging economies. We thank them for making some of the climate change information available to our researchers without financial cost. In particular, the link above is the main page for their 2010 report on climate change risks.