Korea Country Case Information


Media Analysis of News Articles on the Climate Change by Major Korean Mass Media Outlets was presented at the 4th COMPON Open Workshop in March 2010. The figures presented at the conference are below; final interpretation is still in progress. Please contact Sun-Jin Yun or Do-Wan Ku for more information.

Preliminary Results


Climate Change Articles Trend

Frequencies and Rates of Frame type by media

Frequencies and Rates of Topic by media

Frequencies and Rates of Scale by media

Frequencies and Rates of Category Type by media

Frequencies and Rates of Actor by media

Frequency of Issue Statement by Pros and Cons

10 Org. Categories by 10 Issue Statements

Discourse Network of Actors by Issue Stances

Mitigation Information

  • For information on Korea's Climate Competiveness Index, click here. You will need to select the Korea from that page, since it is not possible to link directly to a country's information.
  • An EarthTrends country profile on Climate and Atmosphere for Korea is available here.
  • The most recent national communication from Korea on the steps taken to implement the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change contains a huge amount of information on both adaptation and mitigation in Korea; it also includes a summary of greenhouse gas emissions. This national communication is from 2003; since they are a Non-Annex I Party to the Convention, they are not required to submit updates as often as Annex I Parties. Much additional information is available on the UNFCC site; some relevant information is described in the UNFCC overview on the COMPON website.

Additional Information

For additional information on climate change in the Korea, please consult the links below: