COMPON-Related Panels at ISA 2010

Many COMPON researchers presented in panels at the International Sociological Association conference in Gothenburg, Sweden in July 2010. The names of COMPON researchers and their paper titles are below:

  • Jeff Broadbent (Principal Investigator and Comparative case) - "Discourse, Mobilization and National Responses to Climate Change: Interim Results from a Comparative Research Program" and "Social Change and the Mitigation of Climate Change: Future Scenarios"
  • Ian McGregor (Australia) - "Developing Effective Global Climate Change Policy" and "Policy Coalitions in the Global Greenhouse: Contestation and Collaboration in Global Climate Change Public Policy"
  • Mark Stoddart & David Tindall (Canada) - "Governments have the Power”? Interpretations of Climate Change Responsibility and Solutions among Canadian Environmentalists"
  • Koiichi Hasegawa (Japan) - "Local Volunteers for Climate Change Actions toward Sustainable Learning Community"
  • Dana R. Fisher (United States) - "Reason and Risk in Climate Change Policymaking"
  • Leonardas Rinkevicius (Lithuania) - "Societal Attitudes towards Climate Change: Public Opinion Surveys and Media Discourse in Lithuania"
  • Sun-Jin Yun (Korea) - "The Possibility of Sustainable Consumption in an Era of Climate Change in Korea"

ISA Plenary Panel

ISA 2010 Plenary Panel with Steven Schneider, Jeff Broadbent
(presenting on COMPON), Dayong Hong and Hans Joas.

Additionally, COMPON researchers and interested parties were able to meet for conversation over dinner during the conference:


COMPON dinner July 13 at ISA 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden with representatives of different existing
cases (Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Canada, Sweden, and Comparative) and prospective cases
(Iran, Portugal, Australia).


COMPON dinner July 13, ISA 2010