General Links

This page contains links to environment and/or climate change focused areas on other websites.


  • Gapminder
    This website provides excellent visual representation of some environmental data, in addition to health and development data.
  • CO2 Scorecard
    CO2 Scorecard aims to bring together all public data on CO2 and other GHG emissions and sinks; energy consumption, investments, prices, and taxes; and "socio-economic benchmarks and drivers". The website allows users to view trends by country, and presents data using clear visuals and interactive modules.
  • US Climate Action Network
    US Climate Action Network is an advocacy group fighting for coordinated climate policies at the local, state, national, and international levels.
  • "Who's On Board With The Copenhagen Accord?"
    This website tracks each country's engagement with the Copenhagen Accord, including reported statements and reduction commitments, if any. The site is updated regularly as information becomes available.
  • Strategies for the Transition to Clean Energy
    Mother Pelican Journal outlines a list of all strategies for transition to clean energy.
  • Mother Pelican Journal
    Mother Pelican aims "to collect, organize, and disseminate knowledge on sustainable development, with especial focus on human development; and to publish the monthly, free subscription, open access Mother Pelican, a journal of sustainable human development."
  • The Global Carbon Project's "Carbon Budget 2010"
    This page includes data on emissions by sector, region, and activity for 2010.
  • Global Climate Risk Index
    This site tracks extreme weather events and their impacts, and reports results yearly.
  • KLIMA 2011
    KLIMA 2011 was a virtual, online conference on climate change and disaster risk management. Papers from the conference are available for download.
  • EPA ghgdata
    This searchable computerized map shows all major stationary GHG emitters in the U.S..

Sites About Climate Change: Pro-Action

Sites About Climate Change: Anti-Action

  • World Growth
    This website promotes policies based on the principles of free trade and limited regulation, and opposes political action on climate change.
  • Climate Depot
    This website aggregates news that supports climate skeptics' positions on climate change.

Climate Change Media Analysis:

Climate Change Attitudes:

  • American Teens’ Knowledge of Climate Change
    This study, done by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, explored 'what American teens in middle and high school understand about how the climate system works, and the causes, impacts and potential solutions to global warming".
  • Public Attitudes Toward Climate Change: Findings from a Multi-Country Poll
    This site links to a report published December 3, 2009 on The World Bank website that presents the findings of a multi-country poll on public attitudes on climate change.
  • Pew Research Center
    This page contains a number of articles describing the results of public opinion surveys on the subject on energy and environment.
    This page provides access to social science survey data of various types, searchable by keyword.
  • World Values Survey data sets
    This page allows you to download the results of the World Values Surveys conducted from 1981-2008 in 87 countries, for different respondent levels and in different file formats.
  • "Do You Believe the Climate is Changing?" (PDF)
    This issue brief, put out by the Carsey Institute in Fall 2011, presents findings from a US survey about whether people believe that climate change is happening.
  • International Social Survey Programme
    This project includes data on attitudes regarding environmental issues across a number of countries, for comparative use.

Broader Environment-Related Data:

  • EarthTrends Environmental Information
    In their words, "EarthTrends is a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world." The site provides a wealth of figures related to climate change and other topics, and researchers can request the underlying data if desired.
  • UNdata
    This page offers access to the UN's statistical databases through keyword searches.
  • World Bank Data
    The World Bank has decided to make its data public, and offers access here to data on climate change as well as other environmental topics.

History of Climate Change Science: