COMPON Panel at the International Sunbelt Social Network Conference

The following presentations were made by COMPON members on the COMPON panel at the 2007 International Sunbelt Social Network Conference in Corfu, Greece.

Panel: "Policy Networks on Climate Change"

Aunio, Anna-Liisa, "Climate Action Networks for Change: Mobilizing Coalitions and Networks in National and International Politics"

Broadbent, Jeffrey, "Building on a Rock: Modifying the Labor Policy Network Survey Instrument to Address Global Climate Change Politics, Cognitive Fields and Institutional Effects"

Hasegawa, Koichi, "Collaborating Environmental Network on Global Climate Change Issue in Japan"

Kioufegi, Olga, Boudourides, Moses, Tindall, David, & Kokorakis, Manos, "Are Structural and Positional Embeddedness in Multi-Organizational Networks Associated with Concern about Climate Change?"

Lee, Ho-Ching, "Policy and Institutional Networks Matter: Understanding Climate Change Policy in Taiwan"

Raab, Joerg, "Comparing Policy Networks: The Case of Climate Change Policy in Europe"

Schneider, Volker, & Leifield, Philip, "Beliefs, Policy Discourse and Communication Networks in Policy Making: A Second Look on Chemicals Regulation in Germany in the 1980s"