AAAS Annual Meeting 2011

Members of COMPON had a very successful panel at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington DC on 18 February 2011, with about 40 people in audience. All papers focused on media analysis phase of project, either newspaper content analysis or legislative testimony (US). You can view Jeff's overview and comparative case presentation here.

Presenters (from left to right in the photo) below included Levania Santoso (Indonesia), Sun-Jun Yun (Korea), Sony Pellissery (India), Dana Fisher (US), and Jeff Broadbent (overview). Koichi Hasegawa of Japan could not attend so Jeff presented Japan team's paper.

Science magazine reporter Eli Kintisch interviewed Compon members Sony Pellissery (India), Dana Fisher (US) and Jeff Broadbent (Comparative) after the COMPON panel. Eli put out a podcast featuring Sony and Jeff, and will write a report focusing on Dana's US analysis. You can listen to the podcast here.