4th Annual COMPON Open Workshop - Paris

The 4th COMPON Open Workshop was held at the Institut du developpement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI) in Paris, France in March 2010. This workshop provided the opportunity for COMPON case teams to come together to share preliminary results and plan future stages of the project. The workshop also attracted several researchers who did not yet have COMPON cases established in their own countries but who were potentially interested in being involved with the project in some capacity.

The following participants were in attendance at this workshop:

  • Jeffrey Broadbent (Principal Investigator; Comparative case)
  • Myanna Lahsen (Brazil)
  • David Tindall (Canada)
  • Jun Jin (China)
  • Anders Blok (Denmark)
  • Stefan Aykut (France)
  • Iosif Botetzagias (Greece)
  • Sony Pellissery (India)
  • Anna-Liisa Aunio (International case)
  • Keiichi Satoh (Japan)
  • Tomomi Shinada (Japan)
  • Sun-Jin Yun (Korea)
  • Johannes Ackva (Netherlands)
  • Philip Vaughter (New Zealand)
  • Irina Shmeleva (Russia)
  • Stanislav Shmelev (Russia)
  • Rickard Sandell (Spain)
  • Marcus Carson (Sweden)
  • Christofer Edling (Sweden)
  • Emily Akerblom (Sweden)
  • Tze-Luen Alan Lin (Taiwan)
  • JJ Horng (Taiwan)
  • Mei-Chiao Hsiao (Taiwan)
  • Clare Saunders (United Kingdom)
  • Dana R. Fisher (United States
  • Sarah Burridge (Comparative case)
  • Anne Kaduk (Comparative case)